Pool Lifts

Pool Lifts

If you or a loved one has a pool on your property, it is important to make enjoying the water accessible to everyone in your family, especially those with limited mobility.

Sunshine Mobility offers pool and hot tub lift products that can help users enter and exit the pool independently. We also offer lifts to get you from the dock to your boat.

What Are Pool Lifts?

Pool lifts are devices that allow people with mobility impairments to get in and out of swimming pools safely and independently.

You can choose from two main types of mobility pool lifts:


Portable Pool Lifts

Portable pool lifts are free-standing devices that can be moved around the pool deck. They are battery powered and have a remote control that allows the user to operate the lift themselves.

Permanent Pool Lifts

Fixed pool lifts are permanently installed on the pool deck directly next to the water. They are powered by a home’s electrical system and come with a control panel located on the lift.

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Benefits of Pool Lifts

Installing a pool lift from Sunshine Mobility gives homeowners several distinct advantages:


Greater Independence

People with mobility impairments can get in and out of the pool themselves, without having to rely on others.

Enhanced Safety

Mobility pool lifts can help to prevent accidents, such as falls or injuries, as well as a more secure and reliable way to enjoy the water.

Freedom to Move

People with mobility impairments can enjoy swimming more easily and independently, improving their well-being and quality of life.

Is a Pool Lift Right for You?

Keep the following factors in mind when you are shopping for a pool lift.

If you have a pool at your home — as well as any family members with limited mobility — a pool lift can bring you peace of mind and provide an opportunity for everyone to take advantage of the benefits of swimming. 

Sunshine Mobility’s experts are happy to help you with questions about pool lifts or any other type of mobility lift. Call us today for a free phone consultation.



The size and capacity of the lift should be appropriate for your pool and your needs


The lift should be installed by a qualified professional



The lift should be easy to use and fully safe