Houston, Texas

Houston residents deserve to live a life that’s safe, comfortable, and independent — which often means making some modifications to your home or car.

For seniors who want to remain in their homes as long as possible, Sunshine Mobility offers a wide range of stair lifts, platform lifts, car lifts, and other solutions to help you keep your active lifestyle.

Serving Houston and Southeastern Texas

Aging in place in southeastern Texas means minimizing the obstacles standing in your way of enjoying the life you’ve come to know and love. Whether you need to reach another level of your home or load and unload your scooter or wheelchair from your vehicle, Sunshine Mobility makes it easy.

Houston, Texas

Serving Houston and Southeastern Texas


Stair Lifts, Car Lifts, and More in Houston, Texas

Sunshine Mobility operates an office in Houston to serve Harris County and beyond. Our accessibility experts will help you navigate your options and choose a solution that fits your budget and personal requirements.

We take the time to evaluate your needs to identify the best products that can enable you to remain independent and safe wherever you go.

Sunshine Mobility, we’re dedicated to making your life better with:


Improved Quality of Life

Without barriers like stairs or inaccessible vehicles getting in your way, you’ll be better able to enjoy the life you love in your own home.

Improved Safety

At Sunshine Mobility, we equip your home or vehicle with the most reliable mobility products available to keep you and your family as safe as possible.

Increased Independence

Getting older should mean more freedom and flexibility. Now you can stay self-sufficient with a mobility solution from Sunshine. Our stair lifts, motorized scooters or wheelchairs, and platform lifts can help you stay independent for years to come.

Increased Readiness

Transforming your home into a haven of safety means you’ll be prepared to face any mobility challenge — and remain living in your home as long as possible.

Stay On the Go … Safely & Comfortably

Delivered to Your Door

Sunshine Mobility is ready to support you through the entire home modification process, from choosing the right products to finding a price point that works with your budget. We will deliver and install them and then train you how to use them properly and safely.

Plus, our two-year warranty gives you the confidence that your investment will keep working as long as you need it.

Keep safe. Stay comfortable. And remain in your home as long as you can with Sunshine Mobility. Call our Houston office today for a free consultation.